The four organizing clubs and myself were very pleased to learn that the European Committee had decided to accept the 7th edition of Les Trois Routes as one stage of the European Cup 2018. This will be an important step for our competition, which we support enthusiastically since the beginning.

Encouraged by the success of the first six editions, we are ready to embark this new adventure. Les Trois Routes will be the second stage in France, the first in the area of Pays de la Loire. This region which saw grow up to many great champions will be proud to receive the European Cup during the week-end of 19th, 20th and 21st May 2018.

As usually, three stages will take place :

  • First on 19th May at Mouilleron-le-Captif (Vendée)
  • Second on 20th May at Les Sorinières (Loire-Atlantique)
  • Third on 21st May at Château-Gontier (Mayenne)

The four organizing clubs are :

  • Amicale laïque de Saint-Sébastien (ALSS)
  • Club de patinage à roulettes de Mouilleron-le-Captif (CPRM)
  • ELAN Roller Les Sorinières
  • Club de patinage à roulettes de Château-Gontier (CPRCHG)

Hoping we will be able to meet during this week-end in order to break our attendance record.

Gary Lépine
Chairman of Les Trois Routes

Maelann Le Roux

Maëlann Le Roux (Elite femme)

Member of the club of Saint-Brieuc

Prize list

  • 7 champion of France titles
  • 5 silver medals at the championships in France/li>
  • 5 bronze medals in the championships of France
  • of the European Champion relay (2012)
  • 2 bronze medals at the European Championships in 2013
  • 4th World Championships 2013 relay

Hello Maëlann all first congratulations for your superb 2013 season and your many podiums.

You have already participated in the Three Roads trophies last year you have also won, can you tell us what you think of this weekend competitions regarding the circuits and the program (speed + background for the general classification)?

I love the diversity of races ranging from 200m to 10000m clock to eliminate, through all other distances. Also, I found three very physical circuit and interesting structures because everything is possible, you can set up all kinds of tactics.

This year the Three Roads that take place in June. Are you thinking that this is a good or bad thing for skaters to have a 3-day weekend in the big period of competitions?

The fact that this race is placed in June is not a bad idea. On the contrary, organized a week before the marathon of Dijon, this race will keep pace. I noticed that there were no other races the same weekend, which should bring even more people to participate.

Senior this year, you might have a new sports year charged between marathons and national championships, can we hope to see you on the start line of the three routes this year?

Despite a season that looks busy, I decided to take part in the race after a very satisfactory participation in 2013.

What canst thou say to skaters who have not took part in the three roads to come to encourage our weekend of competition?

Three roads is the opportunity to make another international race in France with a very good level of French constituted one hand but also some foreigners. It's worth to come between an exemplary organization, a great atmosphere and different but interesting road circuits on which we do not have the habit of shopping.

Maëlann, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, we wish you a good winter preparation.

Ewen Fernandez

Ewen Fernandez (Elite)

Member of the club of Bouaye

Prize list

  • World champion of points race on road
  • 3rd of the world championship of marathon
  • Winner of the Berlin Marathon
  • Winner of the 24h du Mans
  • Medallist of the European championship
  • Medallist of the France championship

Hello Ewen, first of all, congratulations for your season 2012! You weren’t present for the premiere of Les Trois Routes due to your double season roller / ice skating. Have you heard echoes of this first edition ?

Yes, I heard echoes of this first edition and they are only positive. The majority were happy to have participated especially as the weather was at the appointment.

The three days of competition are taking place on three physical circuits which seem to be trimmed for a rider to evil like you, what do you think of the choice of circuits ?

These three circuits are known to be physical but they are also techniques which allow to have turbulent races and therefore more attractive and exciting for the public than expectations races. This gives a charm to this new event.

This year you won the supreme title of the points race. Will we have the chance to see you on the start line of the Three Roads 2013 with members of your team ?

For the moment, I cannot tell you if I will be present, all depend on my competitions program set up with my coach and my sponsor Powerslide, but if I'm free I'll be there.

Gwendal Le Pivert

Gwendal Le Pivert (Elite)

Member of the Valence d'Agen Roller Skating club

Prize list

  • Bronze Medal of the 500m on track of the world championships 2012
  • Vice world champion of the 500m on road in 2012
  • Vice European Champion of the 500m on track in 2012

Hello Gwendal, last year you have not been able to be present at the first edition of Three Roads, have you heard echoes of this first edition ?

Indeed I had echoes of the first edition and I must admit they are positive, big names of the French rollerblading had made the trip as Yann Guyader, Brian Lepine or my eternal rival and friend Nicolas Pelloquin.

This year the event Les Trois Routes takes place to a week of the championship of France Road which also takes place in Mouilleron-le-Captif, this seems to be a good preparation according to you ?

Undoubtedly Mouilleron is a technique circuit with his physical and famous hairpin bend of which I paid several times the price. And I think skate on this circuit a week before will only do well and will also make the skaters feel confident.

According to you, the fact of organizing sprints races is a plus to attract sprinters like you ?

Indeed, my goals are set on the traditional sprints races such as 500 m. Propose different sprints races during the weekend can only interest me and attract international sprinters.

This year we were able to see you on many podiums such as national, European and even global, can we hope to see you at Les Trois Routes this season ?

Last year I was not able to be present due to overseas competition, but this year I decided with my sponsor to integrate Les Trois Routes in my schedule. I will be present for the second edition of Les Trois Routes.

Yann Guyader

Yann Guyader (Elite)

Member of the Metallo sport Chantenaysien club

Prize list

  • World best senior quadruple champion
  • 16 titles of European Champion Senior Elite
  • 31 titles of France Champion Elite

Hello Yann, first of all thank you for giving us a little of your time to answer a few questions.
What do you think of this project for the development of our sport and for the Pays-de-la-Loire, which includes a majority of the French champions ?

Anyway this is a good thing, since we need to energize our sport in the region constantly in providing new races to the schedule to encourage people to continue the practice of speed roller but also attract new practitioners because we lack always cruelly.

You, who are used to run on the biggest international races, what do you think is the right recipe for Les Trois Routes to attract French and foreign skaters ?

It must first that the race does not fall at the same time as another major event, unfortunately I think this will be the case for the first edition, but on the other hand it will also help to gauge before the 2013 edition, which I hope will be at full speed. Moreover, it should also have a financial strength which, after a few years, can allow his office to welcome some nations as can Les Trois Pistes for example. And finally, the ingredient of success, at least at the show, is to have a beautiful elite squad, and this requires that the race is attractive both on the level of format (distance etc ...) but also on the grid premiums.

Your calendar for the 2012 season is perhaps not yet established, but if you're not running a race across the world can we hope to see you there this weekend ?

If this weekend is free I will obviously be present on the event. There is no doubt about it.

Thank you for answering all our questions, we wish you the greatest success for your new goals.

Arnaud Gicquel

Arnaud Gicquel

Nantes France Hub manager

Prize list

  • World best senior quadruple champion
  • 39 titles of European Champion Senior Elite

Such an ambitious project in the Pays De La Loire is a good way to galvanize our region and our sport. We have locally talented skater as Yann GUYADER in Pays de La Loire; it would be great to have an international race too.

This could be really benefic for speed skating.

Marie Poidevin

Marie Poidevin (Elite)

Member of Saint-Brieuc‘s club

Prize list

  • France elite triple champion in 2011
  • European junior A triple champion in 2011
  • Third place at the Junior A world championship

One of the French Team hope give us her feelings about the « Trois Routes” project

The « Trois Routes » innovation in Pays de La Loire is a project that should attract a lot of skater. The international competitions are the best way to take on experience, especially for the youngest for who it might be difficult to compete foreign.

Hoping for a large participation of the foreign skaters because it’s a good way meeting new concurrent and then new horizons.

Deborah Marchand

Déborah Marchand (Elite)

Member of the ALC Bouguenais club

Prize list

  • Champion of France elite 2012
  • Champion of Europe Junior A 2012
  • Bronze medal of the world championship Junior A in 2012

Hello Deborah, what did you think about the first edition of Les Trois Routes ?

I found that the first edition of Les Trois Routes was up to a great competition. The organization was super and organizers nice !

Do you think Les Trois Routes, which takes place a week before the championship of France Road to Mouilleron-le-Captif will be a good preparation in order to assess for the championship ?

The fact that the next edition will be held a week before the championship of France may be a good opportunity to confront the other skaters, while being more relaxed and above all it will enable us to train on the circuit of Mouilleron-le-captif before the big date.

For the first edition of Les Trois Routes, we managed to attract four foreign skaters including three elites, what advice would you give to the organization to attract more and more foreigners ?

I think that to attract more foreign skaters it should have no international competition on the same weekend, as it was the case, it seems to me, this year. In addition, there are generous bonuses to win, which is not negligible to make the trip a bit profitable sometimes and I think it is a plus for the skaters.

After your great season where you hung on the podium at the European and world Championships, can we hope to see you again on the starting line of Les Trois Routes in 2013 ?

There is a good chance that I am present for the next edition of Les Trois Routes, because I think it is important to participate in many competitions and it is rare that there are events like Les Trois Routes on 3 different circuits with a busy schedule and with short and long distances !

Tomy Lépine

Tomy Lepine (Junior homme)

Member of Saint Sebastien Sur Loire’s club

Prize list

  • Junior France champion in 2010
  • Junior European champion in 2010
  • Junior world champion in 2010

I think that the « Trois Routes » project is benefic for our sport. It’s going to help us popularize speed skating.

This event is going to enable us to compare to the best foreign skaters one more time in the year and that’s excellent.

Nathalie Barbotin

Nathalie Audoire Barbotin (Elite)

Member of Dinan’s club

Prize list

  • Europe Elite double champion in 2011

The French most experienced skater share with us her enthusiasm for the "Trois Routes" project.

I think that’s a very interesting project. As the” Trois pistes” is always successful, I can imagine that the “Trois Routes” can quickly become a big event with first a national then an international scale. A victory while a three days competition is very specific because skater wins it step by step, It’s often for the most complete skater and that’s what make this victory such unique.

Je vous souhaite à tous, organisateurs, de bons préparatifs.

Nicolas Pelloquin

Nicolas Pelloquin (Elite)

Member of «Mouilleron-le-captif» ‘s club

Prize list

  • 300m european vice-champion in 2011
  • 500m european vice- champion in 2011
  • 3rd place at the 500 m international championship in 2011

I was immediately excited when I heard about this international road race. Actually, we often have to travel around many countries to express ourselves as skaters and it’s never in front of our audience or family.

This was an ambitious project which has to be done. Thanks to the team who took it in charge.

Benjamin Pierre Jean

Benjamin PIERRE JEAN (Junior)

Member of “Bouaye”‘s club

Prize list

  • Double Junior A European vice -champion in 2010
  • Double Junior A European vice -champion in 2011
  • Double Junior A world vice-champion in 2011

I think it’s a very interesting and attractive project. To my point of view, “Pays de la Loire “ is a region where Roller is a very popular sport and a big race celebrating it could be a great event.

Therefore, thanks to its geographic position and maybe one day thanks to its reputation, it could be a way to add another international race to the schedule.

Roller Skating Marigné-Peuton

Roller Skating Marigné-Peuton

First, the entire organization of the Three Roads thank you for your participation in the first four editions. Will we have the pleasure of seeing you on the fifth edition?

Yes MARIGNE PEUTON club will participate in the 5th edition of the 3 routes.

The period in which the event takes place you appropriate?

The period is good, knowing that it falls on the deck of the climb.

What do you think of the three road courses offered by the Three Roads, accessibility, coating ...?

The Mouilleron-Le-Captif circuit is fine, it is spectacular and very fast.

The Sorinières circuit is not easy to find, it lacks guidance to get there. It is very selective and very physical with a long climb.

Le Château-Gontier circuit is not pleasant for runners because the coating becomes obsolete.

For spectators, the races are fun to watch because they can see the entire circuit.

Would you support the participation of Three Routes as a test of the European Cup?

This idea is very good because it would have good skaters in major categories and this would bring the show to young people, supervisors and spectators ...